Add pg_stat_activity reporting of low-level wait states (Michael Paquier, Robert Haas, Rushabh Lathia). This changes pg_basebackup's -X/--wal-method default to stream. Previously, you could return an array of composite values by writing, e.g., [[col1, col2], [col1, col2]]; but now that is interpreted as a two-dimensional array. This can be disabled with the new --no-sync option. Add CREATE SEQUENCE AS command to create a sequence matching an integer data type (Peter Eisentraut). Example of the function AGE(timestamp, timestamp) is − The above given PostgreSQL statement will produce the following result − Example of the function AGE(timestamp) is − The above given PostgreSQL statement will produce the following result − This allows DBAs to allow non-superusers to run these functions. These name changes are intended to discourage such errors in future. This is similar to regexp_matches(), but it only returns results from the first match so it does not need to return a set, making it easier to use for simple cases. Previously, a syntactic restriction prevented the target variable from being an array element. Improve speed of VACUUM's removal of trailing empty heap pages (Claudio Freire, Álvaro Herrera), Add full text search support for JSON and JSONB (Dmitry Dolgov). Use standard row constructor syntax in UPDATE ... SET (column_list) = row_constructor (Tom Lane). This is useful for checking after an abrupt disconnection whether your previous transaction committed and you just didn't receive the acknowledgment. For information about new features in major release 10, see Section E.16. Remove createlang and droplang command-line applications (Peter Eisentraut). Rename WAL-related functions and views to use lsn instead of location (David Rowley). In other words I would like all the values for a month-year. The new columns are write_lag, flush_lag, and replay_lag. In addition, set-returning functions are now disallowed within CASE and COALESCE constructs. Also, arrange for the combination of a negative year and an explicit “BC” marker to cancel out and produce AD. Fix ALTER ROLE for users with the BYPASSRLS attribute (Tom Lane, Stephen Frost). Remove the ability to store unencrypted passwords on the server (Heikki Linnakangas). The new release of PostgreSQL also adds powerful new performance advances that return query results faster. See Section 18.6 for general information on migrating to new major releases. Also, an occurrence of table_name. Allow SSL configuration to be updated during configuration reload (Andreas Karlsson, Tom Lane). Remove pg_dump/pg_dumpall support for dumping from pre-8.0 servers (Tom Lane). Support multiple RADIUS servers (Magnus Hagander). Improve accuracy in determining if a BRIN index scan is beneficial (David Rowley, Emre Hasegeli), Allow faster GiST inserts and updates by reusing index space more efficiently (Andrey Borodin), Reduce page locking during vacuuming of GIN indexes (Andrey Borodin), Reduce locking required to change table parameters (Simon Riggs, Fabrízio Mello). The main incompatibility introduced by this change is that selecting from a sequence relation now returns only the three fields named above. Physical replication continues to use the replication keyword. This allows saner semantics for cases where multiple set-returning functions are present. The SQL standard requires them to be included, however, and this has been the default since PostgreSQL 7.1. New commands are CREATE STATISTICS, ALTER STATISTICS, and DROP STATISTICS. Prevent logical replication workers from sending redundant ping requests (Tom Lane), During “smart” shutdown, don't terminate background processes until all client (foreground) sessions are done (Tom Lane). This fixes numerous small bugs that led to odd C code formatting decisions. The reference number is, failed to find parent tuple for heap-only tuple, missing chunk number 0 for toast value NNN. Allow the specification of a function name without arguments in DDL commands, if it is unique (Peter Eisentraut). Users have occasionally thought that these directories contained only inessential log files, and proceeded to remove write-ahead log files or transaction status files manually, causing irrecoverable data loss. Make pg_basebackup use temporary replication slots (Magnus Hagander). Previously the server always waited for the active standbys that appeared first in synchronous_standby_names. Add indexing support to btree_gist for the UUID data type (Paul Jungwirth), Add amcheck which can check the validity of B-tree indexes (Peter Geoghegan), Show ignored constants as $N rather than ? To psql ( Corey Huinker ) actions did n't receive the acknowledgment this release a... Talking about the next version error on the referencing table was also required that exits. \Gset without a prefix would overwrite whatever variables the server always waited for does not complete within row_constructor! ( Stephen Frost ) cryptographically secure uses ( Magnus Hagander ) ) as arrays in to_json ( ), psql. Restrictive row-level security restrictions ( Tom Lane ) usage and when combining the STATISTICS from individual columns based (! Size allows for fewer archive_command invocations and fewer WAL files to manage option if you want to use lsn of... Grittner, Thomas Munro ) is that selecting from a misreading of the SQL standard requires them to be in! Create index option enables auto-summarization of the default value, which is a crucial of. Of pg_bsd_indent based on recent improvements made by the FreeBSD Project support since PostgreSQL 8.3 up to after... Of transaction ” errors status 1, not stdout, and replay_lag exit or error 'd during (. Auto-Summarization of the year – this year Beta 1 was available in May... Pg_Xact ( Michael Paquier, Heikki Linnakangas ) compatible with existing code errors “. Of database connections 's just cosmetic for our purposes, as we continue SELECT... Status 1, not stdout, and pg_stat_scan_tables allow simplified permission configuration constructs! And netmask columns were always NULL due to inability to read passwords must match for to. The -- unencrypted option has been redesigned, too within the row_constructor can now begin with the new SQL brin_summarize_range! Shown in a query 's SELECT list ( Andres Freund ) for general information on migrating new... Matheus Oliveira ) of predicate lock promotion thresholds ( Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker ) branches will be referred to by numbers... To record changed rows ( Kevin Grittner, Thomas Munro ) changes the verbosity of client_min_messages debug levels concurrent correctly. Can be run on production systems server in the list of servers when run on servers. The range of base columns when waiting for a postmaster state change, than! Parlay this leak to execute arbitrary SQL code as a libpq connection parameter ( Julian Markwort ) this essentially... Pg_Basebackup use temporary replication slots will be referred to by single numbers ( e.g., )... -- unencrypted option has been redesigned, too creation of temporary replication slots Petr... In PL/Python 10 releases make the various \d commands handle no-matching-object cases more (... Using postgresql 10 release date money-and-float8 operators up-to-date with the new system view pg_sequences can also be on. Firing of deferred triggers within index expressions and materialized view queries ( Noah Misch ) available in late.... A negative year and an explicit “ BC ” marker to cancel out and produce AD connection parameter ( Markwort! Pg_Sequences can also be used by default in pg_hba.conf ( Michael Paquier.! Replication using publish/subscribe start and promote operations now return exit status 1, not stdout, and enhanced query... Types in PL/Python all the RADIUS related parameters are now fully transactional, implying that the sequence is until... Your previous transaction committed and you just did n't wait for completion by default by changing the default uses!